Suzie’s art work can be found in many private and public art collections in the UK, USA, the Bahamas, Sweden and Monte Carlo:

‘Paintings in Hospitals’
Guys and St Thomas’s NHS Foundation Trust, London
Kings College Hospital, London
Northumberland Mental Health NHS Trust
Islington Council Leisure Services
Northumberland County Council Schools Art Loan Collection
Durham County Council Art Collection
Rank Xerox


1995 Grant Aid from Northern Arts for travel and a course in USA.
1982-1983 British Council Scholarship to Hungary (10 months).


2006 ‘In brief’, magazine for CNWL Mental Health Trust. Front cover and article inside. ‘Paradise’, Project

2006 ‘A day in the Life’, Pavilion Publications. Article about ‘There be Monsters’

2005 Case Study (Best Practice Guide), ‘There be Monsters’, project published by The National Archives.

2000 Artists & Illustrators magazine, article with reproductions of work.

1999 Community Care Magazine. Art works made in the Arts Project at Kean Street (Look Ahead Housing, Hostel) prominently featured in article.

1998 Nursing Times, Photo with caption featuring above.

1995 Artist Newsletter, Photo of ‘At the Wedding feast’.

1995 Numerous (8) write ups in Northumberland & Tyneside Press about St. George’s Residency.

1995 Northern Echo. Photo and brief write up about residency at Durham

1994 Northern Arts used image of ‘Hearty food’ for their Xmas card

1992 Dec. Artist Newsletter, front cover, image of ‘Children Carpet weavers’

1992 Aug. ‘The Page’, Northern Echo, Monthly Art News. Featured on front & back cover (Durham Residency).

1992 Feb. Islington Gazette & Chronicle photos with feature ‘The Art of Leisure’.

1991 The Encyclopedia of Origami and Papercraft Techniques chapter written on papermaking with examples of work.

1990 Included in a slide kit representing International Papermaking artists. International slide register, ‘Hand Papermaking’ USA.